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1. Since 1978, Wan Shuen Papers Industry Corp. has been established for 32 years. Based on the rich experience of many years, we have developed the professional quality, gotten support from customers, and formed the business philosophy as sustainable management.

2. We continually invest in the latest machines that are automatically high speed from USA, Japan, and Taiwan, the factory, and facilities in order to satisfy the various demands from customers.

3. We integrate the professional specialty and the resources to support the new business division, paper bag division, and give the customers the most reasonable prices and the professional quality and service.

4.The concept of leaving roots in Taiwan and broadening to the world has been deeply built up in our company’s philosophy, and our service range includes the market in Taiwan, China, the southern Asia, the United States, and Euro.

5.With the increasing emphasis on the green environmental concept, we use the recycle materials including the waterbase ink and the recycle paper materials.

6.Utilizing the automatic high speed machines and the long-time specialty meets the customers’ requests accurately and their expectation for delivery time.

7.With the high-tech computer facilities in art designing, we can fulfill the specific requests from different customers.

8.Since 1978, we have been the direct investment company and have owned the sound financial condition.

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